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Gutters Edge roster 

15Bam Bam
player avatarRat Ogre
6528Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild Animal, Claw/Claws, Block, Dodge000151351N240k
2Blitz Skitterleap 
player avatarBlitzer
7338Block, Strip Ball, Tackle00023191N130k
4Stitch Roundhouse 
player avatarBlitzer
player avatarLineman
7327-1 Ag0000001N50k
7Sneek the Streak
player avatarGutter Runner
10347Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +1 Ma, +1 St15101231N160k
8Belch Slackjaw 
player avatarLineman
player avatarLineman
10Rip'it Rocket 
player avatarThrower
7337Pass, Sure Hands1000011N70k
12Ratagas the Brown
player avatarLineman
13Whiplash Ow'thathurts 
player avatarThrower
7347Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Leader, +1 Ag241012391N150k
1Creepy Crawly 
player avatarGutter Runner
9247Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Two Heads, Horns312003541N180k
3Dodgy Skunkbottom 
player avatarGutter Runner
10247Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, +1 Ma69002431N150k
5Ghost Whisker 
player avatarGutter Runner
9247Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Diving Catch, Sure Hands, Fend1 Ni717015851N180k

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Coach Shawn T
Race Skaven
League WPPL
Ready Yes
TV 1810k
Treasury 100k
Apothecary Yes
Rerolls 2
Fan Factor 7
Ass. Coaches 0
Cheerleaders 0

Played 19
WIN% 65.8%
ELO 254.00
W/L/D 11/5/3
W/L/D Streaks 6/1/1
Won tours 0
Latest tour 2518 Crypt Classic Finals
Tours played 2517 Warpstone City North, Warpstone City Playoffs, 2517 Wizard's Cup, 2518 Crypt Classic Finals, 2518 Crypt Classic North
Is famous No

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